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Road Trip

We'll be finishing off our road trip from Providence, RI to Fort Collins, CO today. The kids have done great! We had a nice stop in Toledo, OH with Macen and Molly's cousins, kaykay, uncle Luke, aunt Margie and aunt Katie. Not only was the stop super fun, but it was great to do a few loads of laundry and let everything dry out from the wet races in providence!
We'll get some pics up from the providence races soon.
Super excited to get to Fort Collins, see friends, get organized and race this weekend! The Moms in Tow cx crew will be ready to rock. If you are in the Fort Collins area, come check out the races this weekend....Saturday and Sunday, pro men will race at 4pm each day. Depending on weather, Jenny might be grilling up some good food or something. Come hang out! Look for the Moms in Tow tent. More info on the race can be found on the schedule page of this site...just click on the Fort Collins race.