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Cyclocross Nationals - update

The B Team for MiTCX arrived in Madison around noon and went straight to the Verona Wi race site at Badger Prairie Reserve.  1-2 feet of snow still on the ground here and it was snowy, icy, muddy, slippery...  And once we made it from the parking lot, the frozen tundra of the course was treacherous.  We watched a couple of heats of the non-championship races made up of mostly age group racers wanting to test the track and equipment.  We decided to keep our powder dry, bikes clean and the old fart toasty warm.  He has a new pair of shoes replacing the 15 yr old Nikes with spikes the size of badger fangs.  So we are hoping for some additional bad weather to spice things up.
Looks as tho we are seeded in 57th position (out of 58).  With 2 CX races to his credit and neither recognized by USCycling and Doping as anything more than a group mud ride, we start dead last.  So we are thinkin the draft will be good and it will be fun to watch people going into the bales of hay. Also shouldn't get lost. 
3 pm Michigan time is the start.  Twitter updates on @momsintowcx will be pulling data off other sites along with #cxnats or

We are headed for dinner at Sammy Sosa's Steak House in Madison.  Wearing something red. 

Goals for Tomorrow
1. Finish at least a position lower than bruces age
2. Finish vertical
3. Finish before dark
4. Finish dirty
5. Make PitBoss work like a dog