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Cincy3 Day 2 - The IcemanCX Saturday Nite Special

A defining race for Moms in Tow CX and our hero, Brad White.  

As a sponsor, we could not be more proud of the Team's performance last night.  30 degrees with rain and sleet.  The toughest course that we have seen all season.  A top roster of competitors including Trebon, Berden, Livermon, jones and Driscoll.  The first race of the season where we have no experienced help in the pits (Brads wife, Jenny working Pitboss).  And the big budget teams are swapping out clean bikes 2x per lap to keep their men on fast, lubed steeds.

Never complain, never explain Brad White did his patented brand of trash talking...  not saying a word coming out of the 18th hole with the Van Dessel loaded with Challenge skins he pounded a hole shot and moved into the top 8.  With the noise of team Goliath's pressure washers blasting in the background, He picked his way through the field into battles with Livermon and others while the ice and mud continued to sculpt lbs to his bike.

His Pitcrew did whatever it took to keep him rolling...options were few after the third lap and brad came into the pit with a broken shifter and brake, SRAM called it 'totally unsalvageable'. Having only one bike to spare, Jenny found a quick loaner bike from a rider and it appeared that it was our lucky day.  While it would have nice to have borrowed Spartacus' battery powered wunderbike we were happy to settle for anything ridable.  The Good Samaritan was 5'10", 32" inseam, monkeyarms (good reach like BDub) and it would have been perfect if he had been riding Shimano XTRs instead of Cranky Bros Eggwhite Beaters.  It also might have been a better deal for us if that fact would have been ascertained prior to kissing his wife goodbye and exiting the pits to reenter FrozenMudWorld.  Jenny did save the day by getting enough time while Brad ran a half lap to get his last good bike (with aforementioned Shim XTRs) really clean.  That super clean VanDessel had to last him 6 laps and he was now back to 7th with a grumpy disposition. The PitBosses plan to get our hero in a spot where he had to put the hammer down to save Momma was brilliant.  In the end he shut down Livermon and was carving huge chucks of time out of JD (who got lots of clean bikes in that stretch).  

The most fun about watching the Internet coverage was again listening to the announcers fumble through their notes to identify Brad and never made the connection that he was an Ohio boy coming home to play in the mud.  Our man is a Mudder.  The worst the conditions, the better.  

A race with brutal conditions like this brings out the best and worst in racers and teams...  Big money teams have pressure washers and wells.  The rest fight for a couple of community power washers that create a scrum of hoses and emotions.  We benefited from racers and teams helping us out.  We really appreciate that and will continue to do the same for others.  It is a bike race in the mud!   

After spinning down, eating and cleaning up his equipment, BDub hit the rack to prep for todays finale at 4pm.  Cant wait to line em up later today.  Run what you brung and hope you brung enuff.  We did!

And then drive back to Michigan with the crew.  

Livin the Pro CX dream.  Great job Brad!

thanks mom