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Cincy3 Day 1

Fun race today at Cincy3! BW ended up 5th over-all. It was a great race...not too exciting for first though, Ryan Trebon was on FIRE today and finished a day ahead of everyone else. Seriously, give that boy some roast beef or something to fatten him up and slow him down a little.  He is sporting the Andy Schleck seat post extension kit (thanks to  Sounds like Trombone may be scoring some additional Schleckwear for the cold weather coming as Andy starts career in modeling or Reality Show with Frank?  

Brad spent the majority of the race in a group just behind Trebon....2nd-6th place. The group split apart and brad ended up 5th. Great finish! Ready to hit it again tomorrow.  Our pit crew is dialed in for Day 2 and ready to race under the lights before falling back an hour.  i'm sure M&M will welcome the extra hour of sleep!

Another good effort coming today.  Thanks to all of our GREAT sponsors.  The epic 6 week Moms in Tow CX roadtrip is nearing the end.  Will update you on total miles traveled soon.  Should have had the Honda Oddity as a sponsor!

Thanks Mom!