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Off Week in Boulder, CO

Since we finished things off in Fort Collins we had  a short trip to the location of the next race in Boulder, Colorado. With a weekend off of racing we are able to relax a bit, re-build bikes, and catch up with friends. I've been enjoying a few easy rides on the trails and dirt roads around town while Macen has been enjoying the Valmont Bike Park. Every town should have a bike park like this. It probably wouldn't get used as much as the one here but it would be awesome. Besides the pump track they have a couple small skills loops and trails that are fun for all ages. This park is also the venue for next Sundays Boulder Cup race. By then the UCI points/rankings will be reset and my start position will be better. This will leave me with no excuses at the end of the race. The body has been tired from all the travel and racing. It's been non-stop since before Univest which was over a month ago. This week we're taking it super easy to see if that doesn't help. It sure can't hurt.