Brad White

Dirt? Pain? Mud? Bikes? Barriers? Rain? Cold? Snow? Racing through a course that a "normal" person would avoid even walking around seems a bit extreme, but this is Cyclocross. One of the most popular cycling sports in Europe has become the fastest growing sport on two wheels in North America. Brad was hooked from the first time he saw it.  Growing up outdoors and competing in any sport that involved endurance has prepared him well for a serious attempt at testing his engine and cycle handling skills against the best in the world. His long resume includes 6 years as a Pro Road Cyclist, All American swimmer, 3rd in the World AgeGroup Championship in Triathlon along with many other examples that this guy has a huge motor with no rev limiter. Perfect for CX! Living and racing in Belgium this spring sealed the deal. He was hooked.  

His inaugural season will be a road show that the entire family will be able to join in.   Jenny will be driving the family truckster with MiTCX's mobile garage with Macen (3 years) and Molly (1 year) sporting our racing gear all over the country.  As you can see from our race schedule, we will be on the road for a couple of long stretches but the family is excited about the season.  Holland, Michigan will remain home base for the team and we are excited to be the first Michigan based team on the CX circuit!  Jenny and the kids are also excited to model the Moms in Tow active lifestyle as they Tow around the country.  Plenty of extended family and friends part of the pit crew.

Brads approach to CX racing is simple...  Race hard and race fair.  His All-American upbeat attitude and smile earned him the nickname Captain America from his teammates on UnitedHealthcare.  He will have an impact for good in this sport.

The Team

What a great team of sponsors we have!  They are all about quality.  They also love the idea of a startup dream that is done with class.  Brad has committed to represent them in a way that they will be very proud of their connection with this team.  Normally this is where you hear the dribble about racing clean, blah blah blah.  We promise to race fair and get really dirty on the course.  Thats cyclocross!  The only performance enhancing substances in Moms in Tow CX is ERG! and pasta.  Period.  End of Story.  (unless we can land a beer sponsor...)

Our Title Sponsor is Moms in Tow.  Moms in Tow encourages moms to be healthy, active and connected. They do fun things like running groups, hiking/biking groups, playgroups…getting moms and kids out and active!  We are very proud to highlight and honor moms for big job they have and great job they do, balancing kids, husbands, jobs and lives.  Moms in Tow provides a great support network for moms and is very unique business idea with a bright future.  This is also a young entrepreneurial startup company that is growing like crazy!  They already have active MiT organizations in 3 areas of Michigan (Holland, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo) with an exciting growth plan for the future.  

Why Moms in Tow as major player in Cyclocross?  They see this as a great venue to connect with young families that want to work to develop life long healthy behavior for children in an environment that doesn't always help kids do that.  Check out the photos and you will see examples of the Moms in Tow CX road show at races in Michigan.  We have purchased a bunch of little Strider bikes for the munchkins to race around a mini CX track while Mom and Dad get dirty on the big track.  Naturally, every thing is scaled down from the normal craziness in a real race, but the kids love little ramps, tape line and dirt as much as Brad!

It has been amazing to see the rest of this team come together over the past 2 months!  Our equipment sponsors have jumped on board in a way that we couldn't believe.  It takes a lot of great stuff to compete seriously at this level and we have been honored to hook Brad's big motor to a chassis of some of the finest CX gear available out there.

Our other Sponsors have also lined up quickly and in a big way.  It takes money to handle the travel and expenses required to be at the big UCI races.  From large global companies like Herman Miller and Catamaran to West Michigan success stories like Innovation Health, we are proud to model a healthy family lifestyle while playing in the dirt.

The special sauce of any startup organization is our support group...  we have been blessed with a network of friends and family that have made this Team happen.  Lots of behind the scene help from guys like Chris, Guido, Matt, Rick and a host of others.  Thanks to all of you for your trust, help and willingness to dream big with us on this journey!

We are excited to have this also come out of the great state of Michigan.  The Mitten has had a pretty tough stretch lately but we are coming back.  CX is a great sport for this part of the world and we intend to up the awareness  and excitement for Michigan as part of the MiTCX story.

To see the the entire Moms in Tow Cyclocross sponsor list, click here.

Thanks for being part of our journey.  We'll be looking for you with a cowbell, flying the Moms in Tow colors and maybe a Moms tattoo?  Hup! Hup!