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Colorado Cross

Getting ready for an exciting cross weekend here in CO. Colorado Cross Classic on Saturday at the Boulder Reservoir and The Boulder Cup at Valmont Bike Park on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

Off Week in Boulder, CO

Since we finished things off in Fort Collins we had  a short trip to the location of the next race in Boulder, Colorado. With a weekend off of racing we are able to relax a bit, re-build bikes, and catch up with friends. I've been enjoying a few easy rides on the trails and dirt roads around town while Macen has been enjoying the Valmont Bike Park. Every town should have a bike park like this. It probably wouldn't get used as much as the one here but it would be awesome. Besides the pump track they have a couple small skills loops and trails that are fun for all ages. This park is also the venue for next Sundays Boulder Cup race. By then the UCI points/rankings will be reset and my start position will be better. This will leave me with no excuses at the end of the race. The body has been tired from all the travel and racing. It's been non-stop since before Univest which was over a month ago. This week we're taking it super easy to see if that doesn't help. It sure can't hurt. 

Fort Collins USGP - Saturday Report and Sunday Preview

Really great to be back in Colorado!  After all of the years being out here in Evergreen and Littleton, it was especially good to see a lot of friends and a big group of Calvin College alums. Great friends like Kevin, Sara, Rick, Kate, Mara, Rachel and Chris were cowbellin' and supporting the MiTCX 2012 Lets Get Dirty USGP Tour.  

On the Technical side...  nothing but the best.  Our Van Dessel fleet was tweaked to perfection by an old friend and cycling legend, Chuck Coyle (aka mayor of Boulder).  Chuck raced with BDub on Successful Living back in 07?  (good memory, just not very long).  I can remember the SL team living with a family in Chicago during the Alex Bros Hospital Tour back then.  The race was a great deal for the Hospital as Chris Horner (collarbone) and others paid way more in medical services than the Brothers Alex spent in sponsorship by my cyphering.  Now about the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010...  I digress, the point was that Chuck impressed us as a student of cycling and a pretty sharp dude.  Today he is a successful living entrepreneur as head of The Pros Stuff  This is a spectacular spot for you to troll for hard to find equipment, clothing and assorted stuff that cannot be found anywhere.  Chuck is a great guy and knows everyone.  And to have him sprinkling Rocky Mountain spring water on the VDs is like having the opposing Short Stop break an ankle...  Series over.

The only problem out here was a short visit from the US Dept of Labor...  apparently pumping a CX tire like a small horse is frowned upon in this state by someone under the age of 2 (see picture below).  After producing her birth certificate, multiple colored cards (trump), big poopy diaper and a Calvin College Internship for Mech Engineering to MiTCX we escaped with a stern warning and a visit to the timeout tent.  We are still all about keeping American jobs in America, they just need to be taller than 3'3" and be a dues paying member of the CX Mechanics Union.  For now...

So with Chuck as Colorado Director Sportif and Rick VL as our Moms In Tow CX Colorado VP Ops, we head in to get some POINTS and a pair of SMARTWOOL socks.

BW was happy to get back to an altitude that suits his internal combustion.  With a hole shot out of the #33 position, he was quickly up to the 20th position.  The only thing that JPow was missing was the RedBull Superman suit strapped onto Felix B for the 23 mile vertical decent.  Jeremy's last 2 laps were supersonic leaving even the hecklers speechless.   BDub caught a little group gathered around Alex Candelario who just made the move to Skinny Tire muddin.  Alex is a class act.  Starting in 4th, 5th and 10th rows for events like this are tough to get to the big boys in the front row.  Brad ended up in 15th place.  A great result for the Team from the Mitten.  Feeling a little love from lots of our friends in CO.

Big day today!  Same crew so we have high expectations for another strong showing for the Moms Team.  Thanks again to all of our Sponsors!  Van Dessel, Endo Customs, Velocity Wheels, Fiz'i:k, Challenge Tires plus the rest of the equipment team with Herman Miler, Innovation Health, Catamaran, Los Wine Review as our West Michigan connection sponsors.  We will make you proud to be part of the team.  The Team caravan is here thru the Boulder Cup on Oct 27 and 28.

Go Brad, Chuck and Rick!

Thanks Mom!

Thank You!

I want to thank so many of you for all your support both at the race and online. It's always nice to have such great people cheering and supporting. Cyclocross is fun but it is particularly special here in Colorado as this is the scene I first started racing. I saw so many familiar faces and got to catch up with so many great people I haven't seen in a while. We're looking forward to the next couple weeks out here. Drop us a note if you want to get together and catch up. 


The SmartWool Cup in Fort Collins

The MiT Crew showed up to Fort Collins, CO on Wednesday...had a couple of relaxing days with friends and are ready to rock the SmartWool Cup this weekend! We are starting to feel like the traveling circus...seeing the same faces, same buses, tents, weekend after weekend. I did notice that there is a waffle truck at this race. Definitely gonna get a few of those today.

We were out on course nice and early this morning to watch our buddy, temp landlord, tour guide, and MITcx graphic designer, Rick race! Great morning...excited for this afternoon!

Providence Day 2

Day two was 100% different than day one...super wet and muddy. Perfect day for the spectators, TONS of crashes...seemed like some guys were spending more time on the ground than on their bike.

The MiT crew had an awesome time out east! Saw and stayed with a bunch of great family and friends. Although the weather was a bit trying and we are super green when it comes to cyclocross...but we are learning and taking notes. Hungry for more!

Providence Cyclocross Festival DAY 1

Road Trip

We'll be finishing off our road trip from Providence, RI to Fort Collins, CO today. The kids have done great! We had a nice stop in Toledo, OH with Macen and Molly's cousins, kaykay, uncle Luke, aunt Margie and aunt Katie. Not only was the stop super fun, but it was great to do a few loads of laundry and let everything dry out from the wet races in providence!
We'll get some pics up from the providence races soon.
Super excited to get to Fort Collins, see friends, get organized and race this weekend! The Moms in Tow cx crew will be ready to rock. If you are in the Fort Collins area, come check out the races this weekend....Saturday and Sunday, pro men will race at 4pm each day. Depending on weather, Jenny might be grilling up some good food or something. Come hang out! Look for the Moms in Tow tent. More info on the race can be found on the schedule page of this site...just click on the Fort Collins race.